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Mortgage Loans

Before you buy a house, you need to factor in the amount you are putting down for a house, which is also called a down payment.

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Auto Loan

Before borrowing money for a car, you need to truly understand the factors that determine your monthly auto payment. Before saying yes to a financing option.

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Credit Cards

The key factor in choosing a credit card is whether you will be paying off what is owed on a monthly basis or spreading the payments over a period.

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Student Loan

loans are that subsidized loans are for students who are financial aid recipients while unsubsidized loans are made available to everyone.

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HELOC/ Personal Loan

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a line of credit you can have using your home equity. You can borrow money up to a certain limit.

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For what reason would it be advisable for me to think about business content?

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Mortgage Loans

Before you buy a house, you need to factor in the amount you are putting down for a house, which is also called a down payment. A down payment is a portion of the purchase price of a house that you must pay upfront. The down payment is not a loan from a mortgage lender. Assuming you want to purchase a home for $200,000 and you put down $6,000, which is 3 percent of the purchase price, the mortgage lender will provide you with a loan of $194,000, which is 97 percent of the purchase price.

Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgages:

A conventional fixed rate mortgage is a mortgage in which the interest rate on the loan does not change throughout the life of the loan. The down payment for conventional loans can be as low as 3 percent. Borrowers with a 20 percent down payment do not have to pay for mortgage insurance. Typically, the term of a conventional loan is usually 15, 20, or 30 years. One of the advantages of a conventional fixed rate mortgage is that it enables borrowers to know the interest and principal payments loan since the rate will remain the same throughout the duration of the loan.

VA Loans:

VA loan is a mortgage loan option available to veterans and active duty military members. It makes it possible for veterans and active military members to purchase a house without requiring a down payment.

FHA Loans:

Federal Housing Administration loan (FHA loan) is for borrowers with low-to-moderate income. This loan requires a lower minimum down payment and credit scores. With a 10 percent down payment you can obtain an FHA loan. To get an FHA loan, you must go through a lending institution approved by the FHA.