How to navigate Offer Service Job

What is a job profile: The job profile depicts your resume, that is, your one-pager document which is accessible to site users and visitors. The only personal information that is visible to the user by default is your username. You can make your name and email address public by clicking on the show email button in your job profile.

Main Profile: This is the primary profile, it enables users to edit, delete, and award a submitted job post.

How to post a job request:

1. Mouse-over on Job as shown in the picture below

2. Select “Post a job” you should see a form like the one depicted below:

3. Complete the form and click submit to post your job form.

4. You should see your submitted Job when you click on the job homepage and navigate to either non-IT or IT jobs, depending on the section you selected.

5. Process end.

IT Contract Project:

IT Contract Project: The IT contract Project enables users to submit an IT Contract Project for engineers to bid upon. The submitter can award the project to any engineer of their choice whenever they are ready to move forward by clicking on the “award” button on the selected bid.

To search for jobs requests in IT Contract Projects:

1. click on Search for IT Contract Projects; (You should see an image like the one shown below).

2. Select the desired project and click on submit a quote

3. This will open up the deatil page

4. Fill up the form

5. Click on submit

Help Wanted/Classified Ad

Help Wanted/Classified Ad: The Help Wanted/Classified Ad enables users to submit an expert or professional job request from any part of the world. Scenario 1, Ade in NYC, can submit a request for a lawyer in Lagos, Nigeria, by clicking on the Help Wanted/Classified Ad link and filling up a 3 steps form the comfort of his room. He should start getting responses within hours after posting the request; Ade will then have to go over the request until he finds the right candidate for his job need.

Scenario 2: Michael, who is based in Canada, is building three homes in 3 different parts of the world: Lagos, Accra, and Nairobi; Michael needs a supervisor for his project in Lagos, an electrician for his Accra project, and a Plumber and a roofer for his Nairobi project. Michael can submit a request under “Help Wanted/Classified Ad” in less than 5 minutes for free and should start receiving responses from professionals in the three domains identified within hours.

Scenario 3: Kofi is unhappy with his nephew’s performance in math and feels like he needs to step in and help the young chap with his grade. Kofi resides in the UK, while his nephew is based in Dakar, Senegal. Kofi knew that distance is a factor; as such, he will need the help of a professional math tutor to actualize his goal. Kofi can easily accomplish this task by submitting a request for a math tutor in “Submit an Help Wanted/Classified Ad.” Kofi will need to specify the job location. He should expect to receive responses within hours of posting this request from tutors in his specified location.

Scenario 4: Musa, who resides in Los Angeles, is looking for a driver for his parents in Jos. Musa knows the difficulty involved in finding a good driver; as such, he wanted to be the one to interview applicants for the driver’s position. Musa can easily accomplish this by submitting an expert/professional request for a driver and specifying Jos as the location in his form. He should expect to receive responses within hours of posting this request.

Scenario 5: Laura, who resides in Milwaukee, is looking for someone to teach her young daughter the Yoruba language. Laura can actualize this by submitting an expert/professional request for a tutor within her location for free on offer service jobs and should expect to receive responses within hours of posting this request.

Scenario 6: Shade has been having difficulty getting her generator set repaired; she has tried professionals within her locality to no avail; she was advised by one of the guy’s she contacted to look for a specialist for her brand because of the design complexity. Shade can easily accomplish this by submitting an expert/professional request for her generator. She will need to specify the issue/challenges that she is experiencing in the note section. And select the desired location and click on submit. She should expect to receive responses within hours of posting this request.

Professionals/experts can subscribe to any category of their choice if they want to receive an alert anytime a new request or job is posted. Professionals/experts will need to create a job profile to apply for any jobs/requests on OfferService jobs.

How to search and respond to jobs in Help Wanted/Classified Ad:

1. click on Search for Expert/Professional Job

2. Select your desired category

3. Select profession that you are interest in

4. Select location

5. Click on “Click here to search”

6. Click on on desired post

7. Click on respond (this will open up a Leave a note field)

8. Enter a message for the requestor

9. Click on submit to respond to the post

10. Process end