1. How do you add a service?

Step One

Click on the login icon at the far right corner; click on register, if you are not already registered. Complete the registration form and click on submit. An activation link will be sent to the email address you provided. Click on the activation link to complete “the activate” your account.

Step Two

Login to your account and highlight My Account with your mouse. Select Add, from the drop-down menu and click on Service, Event, or 4Sale to continue. Complete the form and click on submit to complete this step. You have the option to show your email and phone number to the public. The choice is yours.

Step Three

Click on boost and select the desired option to make your Service, Events, 4Sale visible within your State, Country, or across the Globe.

2. What is a boost?

A boost is when a registered user desires to promote their service, events or what they want to sell beyond their community and reach out to the state, nation or global community.

3, Do I require a boost within my community?

You don't require a boost if you are only interested in promoting any of Service, Events or 4Sale within your community.

4, What is the duration with which I can pay for a boost?

For now, one can pay a monthly worth for a boost be it for the service, Events or 4Sales.

5, Do I have to pay to download the app?

The download is entirely free

6, Why register with Offer service?

Offer Services committed to taking off the stresses and hassles of having to do business the conventional way. The registered users can now enjoy maximum dividend from just registering and frequently using the services.

7, What makes Offerservice different?

Offer Service is a global app with geolocation and we ensure your details are protected unless you choose to reveal it yourself.


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